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Our Team Is On YOUR Side! 

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Lee and Fran are masters in marketing and are the creators and implementer's of new ideas and strategies. Lee and Fran are the mentors, trainers and team leaders of our entire support staff. They apply tremendous attention to detail to each and every transaction they conduct.

wilbanks_who-cindy.jpgCindy works closely with the Team to manage the flow of important sale information.
From the moment your house is listed she launches a computerized action plan that automatically tracks all the important events that you will need to know. Cindy brings vast real estate knowledge to the Team.

Frank brings all the numbers together.  
Rather it’s down payment, mortgage payment, or closing cost he has the ability to calculate it all without a computer or calculator.  With that being said his extensive knowledge of all mortgage programs, market conditions and current market trends makes him the point man on every transaction.  Frank is in the office from 9-9 7 days a week so when you can’t get in touch with your agent or lenders call Frank.

Dave is not only a licensed Realtor but a State Certified Appraiser his wealth of knowledge is immeasurable when it comes to the value of a home. 

From either the Seller’s or the Buyers side of the transaction this knowledge is what makes him a key factor on value issues. His knowledge on Selling and buying Real estate is in the 1% category of Real Estate Professionals according to leading authorities.  Upon request Dave is also available for Tax disputes with the different municipalities in Michigan

Chris brings decades of wealth and knowledge to the group.  

Her extensive knowledge of the industry and deep seeded roots in the Real Estate and Mortgage process makes her the go to person on all current transactions.  Last year alone she processed in excess of 180 units by far exceeding any other transaction coordinator in the entire nation which is exactly why she is affectionately referred to as the keeper of the facts.

Lee Wilbanks
Lee Wilbanks
3rd Generation Realtor
19233 Newburgh Rd Livonia MI 48152